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What does krap mean in thai

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I was told by a thai in the UK that if you don't pronounce the "rrr" in "Krap" it's a bit "lo-so" or, as she said, like being a "Thai Chav".

Khop khun krap. I am a lot in Isaan and there men just say "kap". Southern people can pronouce RRRR ,while isarn people can' do it properly. However, many people especially teenagers pronounce this word without "r" sound.

So, in my opinion, it does not really mean that you are an uneducated or lo-so at all. But it would be better if you pronounce it correctly.

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That's me Bambi. Studied Spanish for two years and never could trill my Rs while some could do it indefinitely. If in a casual conversation, fast speaking What does krap mean in thai the R sort of men. However when on the phone or talking with a poo-yai or first meeting some one, then the R is clearly pronounced. First example maybe the laziness you are referring to.

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Some are trilled, some are retroflexed, and some are just plain odder than. But although the sound is scarecely heard in the informal usage of khrapit can still often be detected in the following vowel sound if you listen carefully.

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I don't roll I always thought it was thau to sound like the locals, not What does krap mean in thai a language tape. If you ever studied Spanish, you learned two sounds. The single 'r' is spoken with the tip of the tongue reaching forward to the roof of the mouth, almost touching the front teeth. Scots have no problem; this is almost the normal 'r' sound for. Some proper Brits, and natives of Boston who speak non-rhotically, leave off the sound and say that your car is in the park by saying, "Youah cah is in the pahk.

I never hear a fully Simi valley sluts double rr in Tnai, in contrast to Latin America, where you hear it.

When I hear a single r sound such as th one in khrap in northern Thailand, it is similar to Spanish. In fact, when in doubt, I pronounce most foreign words in Spanish, and doss I'm right on the mark! When I'm leaving a gated subdivision and the guard salutes me, I say "cop.

Without wanting to cause offence, saying that any Thai who pronounces khrap without the r is a 'chav' says more What does krap mean in thai me about your Thai friends snobbery than it does about the entire male population of Thailand.

Perhaps snobbery is a bit harsh and perhaps what your friend meant was pronouncing khrap without the r all the time in Dating vs bf gf situations but there is a tendency, I have noticed, to try and What does krap mean in thai what is considered proper Thai despite it being uncommon in everyday usage.

In the notes in my Oxford River Books Eng - Thai dict it says that the r is gradually disappearing from present Thai as it is usually pronounced l. It also says when referring to consonant clusters that many Thai native speakers have difficulty pronouncing.

There are certainly more obvious and significant mistakes in foreigners Thai pronunciation. This is as easy to understand as it is to say 'thank you' in English. If I'm on the street or among friends I might say 'thanks. When talking with these people pronunciation has to be much more clear, and little articles like 'na?

To actually make What does krap mean in thai thing of rolling the Girls in dubai marina is too much when Farang do it in most cases.

And done in the worng circumstances.

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People just done What does krap mean in thai formality out What does krap mean in thai any given Indiandating com wiki. Is my not knowing an indication that I've been here too long? Chav is a derogatory slang term in popular usage throughout the UK. It refers Sex stories neighbors a subculture stereotype of a person who is uneducated, uncultured and prone to antisocial or immoral behaviour.

The label is typically, though not exclusively, applied to teenagers and young adults of white working-class or lower-middle class origin.

Chav is used for both sexes, where a male chav is sometimes referred to as a chavster and a female as a chavette. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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Sign in. By connda Started Yesterday at By rooster59 Started Sunday at By pookiki Started July By Hal65 Started 1 hour ago.

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By Sofirus Started 20 minutes ago. By snoop Started 8 hours ago.

By Sujo Started July 2. By webfact Started Yesterday at By webfact Started 22 hours ago. By webfact Started 23 hours ago. By jimballard Started Monday at By webfact Started 16 hours ago.

By VocalNeal Started July 4, By webfact Started Tuesday at By webfact Started July Thai language. Search In. Recommended Posts. Posted March 16, I was told by a thai in the UK that if you don't pronounce the "rrr" in "Krap" it's a bit "lo-so" or, as meann said, like being a "Thai Chav" Is that true?

What does krap mean in thai

I Am Wants Hookers What does krap mean in thai

Or is it just a case of different dialects? I've heard many people say "cap" with no "rrr" at all, or is it just laziness? Khop khun krap RAZZ. Share this hWat Link to post Share on other sites.

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Posted March 17, Is that true? Posted March 17, edited.

IMHO 2 anatomy of the tongue. Scottish people can roll 'r's.

Another reason that Scots rock!! Posted March 21, Doss touring Thailand by van, our driver would never "roll" the r sound. But would constantly correct my pronunciation with an exaggerated krrrrrrrap! But Bambina is a Goddess of good taste and inn Posted March What does krap mean in thai, Best to avoid What does krap mean in thai whole dilemma by using 'Kob jai lai der'.

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I Am Wants Adult Dating What does krap mean in thai

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Thai authorities mull different licences for "big bikes" after three deaths. Thailand seeks stronger ties with Russia. Returning to UK to work at 62 - advice What does krap mean in thai Sterling slumps on 'no-deal Brexit' worries; stocks dip. Subscribe to the newsletter. Subscribe to the daily ThaiVisa newsletter to receive the latest updates about Thailand directly in your inbox. Thank you for signing up, please check your mailbox to confirm the registration. Please fill in your email.