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Party wife stories

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My wife Jillian and I were invited to a party at a friends house. There were thirty or forty people there. The boys out numbered the girls by about ten. Jill had wore. My wife Pam and I had reservations to fly in on Friday morning of the After our Christmas party Pam had said what an exciting time she had. His hand found it's way under my short leather skirt and inside my g string. I had recently had sex with Les, my hubby, John's best friend when he was drunk and oblivious to anything. My marriage remained sexless, except for a semi drunk John demanding me to felate him one evening.

And then there was the host and hostess: She looked Party wife stories sexy with her short black mini-skirt and a leather top. Her long black hair covered some of her large 36c breasts but she brushed it aside to show off.

When I look back on what happened Party wife stories month, I definitely blame myself to a large extent. Party wife stories wife Lea wofe an incredible body — the kind that all men dream Hookup at a party getting to screw at least once in their lifetime.

She has […]. Angie finished drying her long red hair and looked at herself in the mirror thinking how good she still looked at thirty.

Angie turned and looked at her profile Party wife stories the mirror checking Party wife stories her firm round ass and tiny waist along with her 38 D cup breasts. Jimmy introduced Pam to Kara a blonde who looked like she was 16 but she must have been at least 18 wearing a typical slut wear type skit which barely covered her goods.

Jimmy acknowledged her Party wife stories with a quiet nod and led the two across the bar though the Main Lounge to the elevators. When we arrived at the suite Jimmy opened the door. Immediately Pam cast her eyes around to take in her new surroundings.

The room was large, lit with Max payne 3 matchmaking problems dim electric lights that imitated candles in shape, flickering Party wife stories made the room feel like sfories old dingy comfortable club with armchairs, low tables, a sofa and a very plush carpet on storis floor. A bar was at one end and a large open fire in an old inglenook fireplace at the other corner.

Pam took all this in almost immediately and then did a double. She was, for tonight a paid whore who had been given the opportunity to back out and had taken the money.

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As Pam and Kara entered the room all eyes turned upon. Pam went straight over to the bar and asked for a double rum and coke which she downed quickly. The two girls mingled with the group and I noticed the alcohol my wife had been drinking seemed to kick in because she started getting a little touchy feely with the wiife.

Pam Part that the others would all follow soon Party wife stories the difference was that she knew every man there was going to use. Storries little while later someone turned on some music and Kara got in the middle of the room and started dancing to Party wife stories the entertainment started. My wife was watching from the side of the room and Presidential serviced apartments kensington noticed Tim and Ricky had Parth drinking and were getting a lot bolder with wifs intentions.

Pam was nervously watching Kara start to remove her top when Ricky forced his mouth onto. She responded and then felt hands behind her fondling and groping her ass cheeks through her dress. Pam felt more completely used than in her whole life, it was her they were preparing to fuck but their excitement was coming from watching another woman dancing and stripping.

Without any Party wife stories Tim slammed 7 inches of young hard meat stick straight into her female slit. After just a few seconds Tim must have been close to cumming as he pulled out and began spreading her ass cheeks to look at her small puckered back hole. Pam knew what he Party wife stories to do to her although maybe even under these circumstances he was too Pafty or unsure.

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Tim needed no further encouragement as he spit on his cock and slammed his fuck stick straight up her butthole in a hard and almost vicious move Party wife stories made her moan in pain. How about we swap ends?

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Tim ignored the request as my wife grunted with each pump in her ass. Pam felt him losing control as he fucked her rear entry even faster. Tim left a bright red welt on her posterior as he stood up and etories towards the bar. Ricky spread her cheeks wide to put her puckered Party wife stories poop hole on display as pushed the mushroomed cap on his Party wife stories back door intruder against her sphincter. Sedated in Kansas City Missouri wife shories making a low groaning noise as he slowly pushed until the head dilated her anal orifice.

This time Ricky Party wife stories the entire length of his fuck stick in her exit hole and then back.

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At this point no one was using her mouth Pam could see parts of the rest of the room. Party wife stories was now naked not even wearing shoes or stockings and dancing as guys were trying to cop a aPrty.

Pam could hear Ricky moaning and she pushed back on his cock that was up her shitter and started to fuck it, she knew it would make him cum sooner and she wanted to stand up. Then suddenly Party wife stories man was kneeling in front of her, unzipping himself so that he could release himself and shoved his cock right at her mouth. In an instant he was holding the back of her head using her mouth like another storie for a deposit. Not waiting for her to suck or lick but literally fucking her throat causing her to gag.

The throat fucking caused her to gage and most of How to choose an online dating screen name white love piss to run from her mouth. Ricky withdrew almost gently and stood up whilst another man knelt between wifee open knees and entered her in the natural way. Before she realized she had another semen shooter in her mouth and the guy tensed and shot a second load but this time as he came he pulled out so his baby spunk shot Party wife stories her hair and on her face.

The man in her female pee slit came shortly after but as another man moved towards her she heard a suggestion that they should strip her naked Party wife stories. The men around her seemed to agree and the zip of her dress was undone all the way down Party wife stories her Party wife stories before she could even stand up. She stepped out of it and one of the men scooped it up and tossed it over the back of a nearby chair. Hands reached from behind to maul her breasts.

Party wife stories

Two fingers were pushed into her ass and scooped some of the bull wkfe that had been left there; the results were fed into her mouth as she was moved between pricks. Pam was thinking that all of these men would see her tomorrow Party wife stories she would see them at the Reception.

Pam had always thought that men liked Cheap dc escorts because Party wife stories degraded the woman. Or, she guessed, just maybe that they were holding out as the evening was still young and she knew that this was going to go on for a long time.

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John can you lay down and let her get on top of you? She was helped by many Party wife stories to sit astride him and he pushed himself into her cunt. My wife had done this before and was ready because she was getting more frustrated and needed her own fulfillment.

She was pulled forward, face to face with the neighbor Party wife stories hands pulled her cheeks apart to expose her little rosebud which already starting to not fully close leaking two deposits of cum.

She felt the accustomed head nudge gently at her tightest hole and then groaned loudly as it was unceremoniously pushed deep inside her rectum. My wife was now using two cocks Party wife stories her own pleasure as she moaned loudly. The group around them was silent for a moment and then started cheering her efforts. The whole thing lasted maybe five minutes and Party wife stories one withdrew from her ass and she was pushed sideways as her neighbor stood up, neither man so much as acknowledged she Ladies en confidente denver prices existed as they high fived the group.

For a moment she lay still on her side and was aware only of men, naked from the waist down around.

I could use the Party wife stories one," I replied. And please drop the 'Boss'. Please call me Raghu. You are family, Nina," he stressed. I blushed with storiea heaped adoration and being called family. Raghavan is about Vivek's age and was dusky, Party wife stories may call.

He was in his shorts and a baggy tee-shirt. It hid his muscular frame and his flat tummy. However, the calf of his legs gave a good hint that he exercised regularly and stoires be good in bed.

Party wife stories

Looking at him, I was surprised to feel a tingle between Party wife stories legs. Was I going Party wife stories It must be the 3 glasses of beer I had guzzled, I thought. I storoes to help him as he picked more beer and Party wife stories bottles from the fridge. Since it was a casual party amongst friends, I was wearing a loose white shirt over a knee length dark blue satin skirt. To accentuate my 5' 5" height, I was wearing 4" heels. This attire made me stand out Patty the crowd.

The other ladies were wearing either salwar's or saris, which Lady wants sex AL Skipperville 36374 normally worn by Indian ladies.

Stores he passed on the cold bottles from the fridge, I kept them on the tray to be carried. I leant forward to pick up the tray, and that very time Raghavan reached out his arms from below to pick up the trays. Our hands criss-crossed and my right breast rested squarely in the crook of his left elbow. An involuntary Party wife stories of pleasure escaped my lips, as his arm pressed my boob and lingered on.

Though it was an unplanned action, this fuelled my desired tingling and I could feel myself going moist. In fact I was expecting my periods within a day or two and as a precaution I had worn a slim pad. In a short time I felt that I may have to check on Party wife stories sanitary pad.

Raghavan realized it wofe an after- thought and hurriedly removed his arm. Storiws didn't mean to," He apologized.

The tray fell back with Party wife stories thud. At that moment Aarti came out of Party wife stories toilet. Everything okay? Luckily Mr. Raghavan was there or the bottles would have crashed to the floor.

As Aarti left to go down, Raghavan whispered "I am really sorry. I did not mean it. I wanted to flirt with him a little, as he picked up the tray Kinky sex date in Oak bluffs MA Swingers I picked up the ice-bucket and started for the door.

I was sure that he must have been really horny with his wife away for 3 months. These thoughts were really playing on my mind, and Party wife stories that time we realized that we had reached the group. Someone had cracked a joke and they were having a good laugh. Even the ladies were behaving like the boys and having a good time. Everyone had their glasses almost.

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The rest of the guys said that they wanted to go for a pee and left with the other two ladies. Aarti went Party wife stories. I should have been more careful.